Wednesday, July 18, 2012

But Trayvon Was Unarmed...

Joseph in IL sent me this story. I've been alternating between enraged and sick to my stomach.

Prosecutors: Teens In Fatal Attack Were Playing “Knock ‘Em Out” Game
CHICAGO (CBS) – Three teens accused of attacking a man in a West Rogers Park alley and posting video of the fatal beating online were allegedly playing a game called “pick ‘em out and knock ‘em out.”

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, at a bond hearing for two of the suspects, Cook County prosecutors said the youngest of the trio – 16-year-old Malik Jones – was the instigator of the attack. Jones allegedly turned on his cell phone’s video camera before handing it to 17-year-old Nicholas Ayala and 18-year-old Anthony Malcolm while he attacked a man who was searching for scrap metal.
16 years old. He struck a 62 year old man hard enough to knock him to the ground, where he hit his head. He died of those wounds the next day. Remember that the next time some bleeding heart bleats that George Zimmerman shot an unarmed teenager. For no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a 62 year old man was beaten to death by some punk bastard.

Thanks, Illinois, for making your streets perfectly safe for this kind of vermin. Because there are no provisions for concealed carry in the state of Illinois, these scumbags knew that they stood a very good chance of their prey being unarmed. Three young bucks in the prime of their lives chose a disabled man more than three times their age to beat up for kicks, recording the encounter and posting it on Facebook.

Honestly, the Sicilian in me wants to see these three animals staked out in the town square and left to die of exposure. Deal with savages savagely, speak to them in the only language they understand, of superior force and pain, and the lesson will be learned. Obviously we can't follow through, but we can certainly make sure that they never again see the light of day.

Right up until they're released on parole, with time off for good behavior after 10 or so years.

The nanny staters and gun grabbers would have you believe that it is the availability of guns that causes crime. Remove the guns, they claim, and we'll live in a crime-free paradise. Despite being proven wrong time after time, they keep insisting that one more law would have stopped [insert shocking crime committed with firearm]. If only we banned a certain type of firearm, or limited the number of rounds a magazine can carry, or limit purchases to one a month; the laws of human nature would cease to exist and we'd all have a group hug.

And then something like this happens; a crime so brutal, so primitive, so shockingly and banally evil that it has got to make some people think. A group of bored teenagers, with no respect for the law nor their fellow man, decided that it would be a good idea to beat a man down. For no reason other than a "game" that they thought would be fun - especially if they shared it on the internet - a man is dead; a father will never come home, a wife will never again get to talk to her partner.

Tell me what laws could stop this.

There are laws against assault. There are laws against murder. Laws as old as Man himself forbid the wanton taking of life, the theft of goods, the brutality shown towards a perfect stranger. When these laws are broken - although in this case it's more that they were simply ignored - we really are reduced to nothing more than survival of the fittest. If we are becoming a society that depends on some nebulous decree from the lawmakers to save us from these animals, then we are doomed indeed. I hope the Mayans are right.

Bookmark this story. Remember it the next time you're tempted to leave the house without your firearm. Remember the last few moments of Delfino Mora, assaulted and left to die for kicks. For no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was beaten and subsequently died. Our foes would have us all at the mercy of those like the animals that did this. Personally, I see it this way:

(picture courtesy of RangerUp)

I just want to close with a quote from Jeff Cooper:
I would like very much to ensure... that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.
 That is all.


chiefjaybob said...

We don't need CCW in Illinois but Illinoisans are different. We are more civilized than the rest of the country (true quote, paraphrased, from one of our state legislators).

(I guess if it's a paraphrase, it's not really a "true quote," is it? You know what I mean.)

chiefjaybob said...

*beause. BECAUSE Illinoisans are different. I even proof-read that crap before I hit enter. I'm an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Those are not teen-aged humans. They are animals and should be treated the same way that we treat dangerous animals. Make the owners post a very large peace bond, and if that doesn't work, well . . .


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

The only way you deter folks from crimes like that... since there up-bringin' didn't teach them any better or leave them with any consideration or compassion for human life...

Is public, severe corporal punishment or execution... (think caning or hand amputations in Singapore or the Middle East)... that's politically incorrect to say, but 30 years in our prison system won't fix those animals...

Dann in Ohio

Stretch said...

"it has got to make some people think."
But not Liberals. Liberal don't think, they feel! With their heart and soul they FEEEEEL!!

Anonymous said...

We both know that the only way to deal with savages is to use superior and overwhelming force. I'm reminded of a quote from Samuel Jackson (Jules) in "Pulp Fiction": "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers." Yup, that's how I roll. Hey, did you check out the video of the 71 year old guy in Florida shooting the 2 young turds? One of the poor lads caught a round in the ass. Hope you and yours are well.


Braden Lynch said...

"...We are more civilized than the rest of the country..." and more often dead at the hands of criminals.

Sorry, I'm here in crazy California and feel some of your pain.

Ed said...

Like Christmas presents, the true joy in violence is in the giving, not the receiving.

As mentioned above by HankH, here is a link to the surveillance videos of the 71 year old man who halted the Internet cafe armed robbery:

The local TV coverage, which cites a town that blames the businesses for attracting robbers because the businesses had cash to steal:

But more entertaining is the local newspaper who interviewed the two who entered the business (one is now on crutches because of his gunshot wounds) with the baseball bat and the handgun, who really did not want any violence, just give up the money and no one will get hurt:

The takeaway from this story?
1. Always carry.
2. Carry something larger than .380.
3. Sometimes, old dudes rule.