Sunday, July 1, 2012

And We Can Say "We Knew Him When"...

'NCIS' props turned out by Oak Ridge leather worker
A Goth lunchbox carried by actress Pauley Perrette — the Abby character in "NCIS" — may have screamed Hollywood, but it actually came from the workshop of an Oak Ridge leather worker.

Dennis Badurina, who runs Dragon Leatherworks, made the eye-catching bag in just 16 hours after getting the specs from the CBS prop master. He didn't have much to go on — it had to be black, red, chrome, and cylindrical.

Yep. That's our Dennis hitting the big time. Swimmin' pools, movie stars, and all comes with fame and fortune. It's great to see him getting the recognition he deserves, it really is. I've been an unabashed fan of his work since Day One (really; I have the first Fugly ever made. It's even signed!). My Bodyguard lives in his Chimaera, and the only holster I'll carry a 1911 in is one of his Talons.

I've asked Dennis for his help in a special endeavor - a custom sporran for this year's Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraiser, which starts in just two months. I'm looking for a simple leather sporran, something like this, with enough room for a wallet, keys, and, of course, the S&W Bodyguard 380... I'm ordering up a Black Watch kilt from Stillwater Kilts to be sure of having kilted goodness before the start of the KTKC fundraiser, and I want to be sure I have everything in place before the start.

In any case, congrats to Dennis for finally getting the recognition that his genius, artistry, and craftsmanship deserve!

That is all.


Stretch said...

Oh! That means you're only 2 steps removed from Ziva's hip and Abby's lips.
I hate you.
I will, of course be JUST like you as soon as I get my holster from Dennis.

Dave H said...

Guess I better get my order in before the rest of H'wood swamps him with rush orders.

I better get one of everything while I can. I can get a 1911 later.

Will Brown said...

Well deserved recognition; I was going to try one of his pistol pouch holsters as an alternate sporran for KTKC 2012.

Well done, Dennis.

Skip said...

Wearing a Fugly right now.
The bar-b-que holster gets a lot of nice comments.

Linoge said...

KTKC will kick off, so to speak, before the 5.11 kilts get in? Bummer.

Regardless, congratulations to Dennis!

Roadkill said...

I keep thinking about trying to get him to do a sheath for one of my knives.