Friday, June 8, 2012

Win Moar Stuff!

Aaron has the monthly roundup of giveaways and such.

There are three 1911s and one 1911-like pistol, three Smith & Wessons (including two separate giveaways for the Shield!), some Glocks, and even a Bond Arms derringer up for grabs this month. On the rifle side of things, there's three ARs, a muzzleloader, and two different .22s - a Model 60 and a 10/22 - the unsung "Glock vs. 1911" flame war... I think on the list of guns to be won, only the model 60 and 10/22 are MA legal. There's a message there...

There's a lot of great guns on the list to be won, so get enterin'!

That is all.

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Stretch said...

"There's a message there..."

The message is "Move to Free America, Jay!"