Monday, June 18, 2012


Jeff in OR sent along this most intriguing craiglist for sale advertisement:

Pirate Ship
This fine hand built vessel is made of fine lumber. Please see owners writing. It is a hard to find Pirate ship for sale.
(picture from link)

I have no idea how legit this may or may not be. I hope it's legit, I really do. I also hope I hit the lottery, because I would love to pick this up, have Wally fit her with some real cannons, and then take to the high seas to show those "pirates" off the Ivory Coast just what real pirates look like.

And boy, would I ever be ready for September 19th!

That is all.


Alan said...

That's not a ship, it's a "70 tourists die in capsized boat" disaster waiting to happen.

The masts and rigging are just for show and the silly thing could get more speed down wind from the freeboard alone than a sail on those idiotic spars.

And the 2x4 ladders up the "masts" ? WTF?

That thing is an abomination.

Jay G said...

Alan, don't spoil my fun... :)

Nancy R. said...

Cannons?? Did somebody mention cannons? I'll have you know I was on the first place artillery team at the 28th Annual Governor's Invitational Firelock Matches in MD in 1993.

Stretch said...

And my buddy was on the NPS first place artillery team back in college.
Imagine sailing that past Hyannis Port.

Ancient Woodsman said...

You want pirate ship? I give you pirate ship free, as I unable to travel do to Nigamberinia government restriction on my family; but rich uncle have boat and give you free of charge if you harbor it for us and send for us you bank account number information so we can send you large dollar good faith deposit so to pay for your friendly happiness.

You want boat? We send you boat.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of her, she does not sail as much as she gets blown from place to place.


Notdilbert said...


Real pirates stole Thier ships.

Fred said...

Pretty sure I could buy it tax free... total religious write-off for us Pastafarians.

Larry said...

Ye'd be needin' a matey, Matey...arrrr

Tommy said...

Just remember, Stingray may not fave forgotten about that letter of marque and reprisal.

Weer'd Beard said...

Who powers their boat with the WIND?

You want a nice Privateer craft, grab an old Fishing vessel who's captain is sick of the NMFS regulations and wants out of it, or see if you can find a luxury yacht that has been reclaimed by the bank for non-payment.

Set it up as a false flag, and when the pirates come come close, that's when they find out the boat cover on the "Launch" is actually a twin Ma-Deuce mount, and the "drunken Fishermen"/"Rich Tourists", are actually gun nuts interested in doing some offshore ballistic tests.

Just whatever you do, make sure she runs on DIESEL, not WIND!