Sunday, June 24, 2012

Teach... The Children Well...

A whole passel of folks have sent in this story; indeed, it is the feel-good story of the day, if not week...

14-year-old Phoenix boy shoots armed intruder

PHOENIX (AP) -- A 14-year-old boy shot and nearly killed an intruder who broke into his Phoenix home and pulled a gun on him while he was watching his three younger siblings, police said Saturday.

The teen and his siblings, ages 8, 10 and 12, were at home alone when a woman rang the doorbell Friday afternoon, Phoenix police Officer James Holmes said.

The goblin was 37 years old and armed with a firearm of his own. The Bradys would rather than 14 year old boy have gone hand-to-hand with someone older, most likely larger, and armed with a (most likely illegal) firearm than to legally be allowed access to his dad's handgun. You see, they push concepts like "safe storage" laws, where firearms are to be kept under lock and key, separated from anyone not deemed "acceptable" to have access - like kids, or, in their eyes, adults for that matter.

This kid is a bona fide hero; who knows what this guy had mind, breaking into a house where there were people - children - present with a firearm? Maybe he was just going to scare them and take what he could grab - or maybe we'd be reading about a horrific mass shooting instead of a near-DGC addition? The story doesn't give enough information, like whether he called 911 when the woman rang the doorbell - or if he even had time. 

In any case, this story could have turned out a *lot* worse if this teenager hadn't been able to get a hold of his father's handgun. It's positively mystifying why on earth anyone would want to deprive us of the most effective tools of self-defense - there's simply no other tool out there that could offer the same level playing field against an older, armed assailant. Had that teen grabbed a baseball bat, he could be dead now - and who knows what would have happened to his siblings?

As for this not adding to the count, while I would love to see this as an addition, I'm actually glad it didn't make it. That kid's got enough facing him now without the heavy burden of having taken a life - that's a tough burden for anyone to carry, let alone someone barely in high school. He's going to face enough questions, scrutiny, and whispers in the hallway as it is - at least he doesn't have to deal with the psychological impact of taking another life. 

No matter how much the goblin deserved it...

That is all.


skidmark said...

Just want to correct your choice of terms - sidearms are the most _efficient_ means of self defense. The most effective would be a toss-up between a thermonuclear device launched from orbit and my ex. Either one will mess up just about everybody's day forever while leaving a tremendous mess to be cleaned up.

stay safe.

eiaftinfo said...

While I appreciate your thoughts for the kid - the fact is that someone else will probably now have to face this goblin. I suspect he'll be on the street within 5 years. At 37 he's more than likely a life-long criminal. While this kid was able to protect himself and siblings, the next person may not be so lucky.

In your house, armed, pointing a gun at you . . . make damn sure they don't ever twitch again.

Just sayin'.

Stretch said...

The Bradys would much rather have the blood of 4 dead children to smear on the front pages of papers.

Hypocritical bastards.

Wraith said...

Welcome to Arizona.

If you've chosen criminal activity as your profession, we recommend you move to Kalifornia, as even our teenaged babysitters will bust a cap in your ass if you threaten them or their charges.

Or you could attempt to straighten up and act like a civilized human being instead of a predatory thug. It's definitely the safer option around these parts.

Lissa said...

I'm not acquainted with very many 14 year-olds ... in fact, not any ... but as a purely academic matter I'm surprised at a 14-year-old with the emotional maturity to do what he did.

But on the other hand, shouldn't immature 14-year-olds still have recourse to tools that give them a better chance at survival? Hmmm.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

I'm torn on this one. eiaftinfo has a very good point, but Jay is right as well - a 14 year old shouldn't have to shoulder the psychological burden of having taken another life, no matter how well justified. I think this was just a situation where there was no truly good solution.

Other than the goblin rethinking his life and straightening out rather than choosing to terrorize a bunch of children, of course.

Daniel in Brookline said...

I'd be curious to know how much training the 14-year-old had. (I can't quite bring myself to call him a 'boy'.) What we know at this point was that he knew where to get his father's handgun, was comfortable enough with it to hold it steady... and knew what he was doing enough to take the guy down with one shot.

That's pretty amazing, in my opinion.

And this sure does put a new perspective on mandatory gun locks, doesn't it? The father could have locked his guns in a gun safe to which the kids didn't know the combination, as we're all cautioned to do... and his kids would most likely be dead. **shudder**

Jay's right. This young man is a hero, and I sure do hope he gets treated as one.