Monday, June 25, 2012

My Hubris Has a Second Name, It's O-B-A-M-A...

Wow. Just wow.

The Obama event registry
Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?

Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.
I saved a screen shot for when this disappears down the memory hole, don't worry. 

I'd heard about this but written it off as a rumor or vaporware, until Stretch sent in this parody picture:

The hubris in this entire concept is stunning, it really is. They're inserting themselves into people's own private celebrations - as though folks are thinking about the November election as they gear up for the biggest day of their lives. How conceited is that? This guy gives Galileo a run for his money - although where Galileo correctly hypothesized the heliocentric nature of our planet, Obama is devolving into Obamacentric. He really does think the world revolves around him.

I'll tell you what, Barry - I'll gladly donate all my Christmas money to your farewell party in January...

That is all.


Roger said...

THAT farewell party I'll donate to!
But I would change the name from farewell which wishes good travels to "Don't darken my door again you socialist bastard"

eiaftinfo said...

Ya know, when I read about this over the past few days ya just knew it had to be a joke . . . . unless it wasn't. The guy really is from a different planet.

Parties all around on January 21st!!!

GBBL said...

Next we will be hearing stories about how at Obama's birth every sky had a rainbow and how he doesn't have bowel movements. Kim Jong Obama.

PJS said...

There ARE no "private celebrations": everything we do is the in service of the state (or so he'd like).

Daniel in Brookline said...

They're inserting themselves into people's own private celebrations...

Why not? He's already inserted himself into the lives of his predecessors.

Okay, try this: what act of egotistical megalomania is beyond this President? What will he not try, in the name of re-election or sheer self-promotion, before the election? Will he ask, March of Dimes style, for grade schoolers to send in their pocket change? Will he have kids collecting scrap metal and such, with recycling proceeds all going to him? Will he commission a coin with his face on it? Will he propose to put himself on Mount Rushmore?

I'll bet we'll see some incredible things between now and November. Hang on to your sense of humor... you're gonna need it.