Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mount Up!

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned receiving a shiny Leupold scope for my AR varminting build, right? Well, I came home from work yesterday and found a box on the porch. Inside was this:

That's Leupold's new Integral Mounting System (IMS) for AR-pattern rifles. They're specifically designed with the AR in mind, offering a mount that brings the scope forward for eye relief and up to bring the scope to eye level without risers. Naturally, I had to mount the scope:

Oh, yeah, you know that's going on the Bushmaster. I can't wait to try this out at the rifle range - I'm thinking the mid-range setting should be just about perfect for the 100 yard station. The handle-mounted rail was a kind gift from Strings (thanks buddy!) and is finally seeing some use - I'd been meaning to find a decent red dot sight for the Bushmaster at some point, and once the Leupold is on the varmint AR I might just do that.

Thanks again to Leupold for the Mark AR scope and IMS mounts!

That is all.


TomcatTCH said...

that mount makes me sad.

Jay G said...

Why is that? Don't tell me I put it on backwards...