Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Confused...

...because when it was George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush, running for president, all we kept hearing was how America didn't have dynasties, and how Bush was only trading on the family name, yadda yadda yadda. We were treated to bon mots like "least qualified person to ever run for President" (yeah, funny how that wasn't an issue four years ago); that if it wasn't for his name, he'd never have gotten where he is today.

Of course, when it's someone on your own political football team, then it's all well and good, right?

Gran Ethel Kennedy ‘sorry’ for Joe K3’s rivals!
NANTUCKET — Congressional wannabe Joe Kennedy III picked up a BIG endorsement yesterday from his grandmother Ethel Kennedy.
“I feel sorry for, so sorry for, anybody thinking of running against him,” laughed Joe’s gran, who was here at the Nantucket Film Festival for a screening of “Ethel,” a documentary and oral history of the Camelot clan by her youngest daughter, Rory.
Out of curiosity, a quick search on "Joe Kennedy for Congress" yields several links to his campaign, several articles on his exploratory committee, and not much else. Well, there's the obligatory "Camelot" references, as well as oblique asides to the departure of Patches from the political scene; other than that, there's no press releases, nothing related to his policy stance, or what his plans are.

Someone please tell me what this guy's qualifications to be a representative are aside from having the last name Kennedy? From his own bio, he's been an assistant DA and... oh yeah, that's about it. He seems smart enough - and fluent in Spanish - but as for qualifications to represent MA in the House of Representatives? There's at least a zillion folks equally qualified.

But those folks aren't related to the Kennedy's.

That is all.

Thanks to Stretch for pointing this one out!

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Sabra said...

Political dynasties are okay if they're Democrats. We just recently got finished with having Henry Cisneros's wife serve as a City Councilwoman, and Henry B. Gonzalez's son Charlie is retiring after his current House term. (To say nothing of the Castro brothers who currently serve as mayor and IIRC State senator.) Of course, down here it helps to have the right sort of last name too.