Monday, June 11, 2012

Hard To Believe...

˙˙˙ɥsd ǝɹoɯ uǝʌǝ 'sǝʎ

Skidmark sends in this story that had me shaking my head all weekend long:

D'Arcy and Monk apologise for gun photos
Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk have apologised for their "fantastic" bit of fun, but still have to explain themselves to keep their spots in Australia's Olympic team.

D'Arcy and Monk returned to Australia on Friday and quickly apologised for posing for photos in the US while holding powerful firearms.
Here's the grainy picture they posted on Facebook:

(pic from this story)

Sweet baby Jesus, are you kidding me? These two look like nothing more than poseur dorks, caught mugging for the camera and looking all the world like a couple of grade A wanna-bes. And they had to fly home to Australia to apologize for their actions? Read up on the antics of these two:
D'Arcy was kicked off the 2008 Olympic team after assaulting former swimmer Simon Cowley in a bar, leaving him with multiple facial injuries.
Last year, Monk avoided charges after telling police he was the victim of a hit and run accident but later confessed he broke his elbow when he fell off his skateboard.

So, one got drunk and beat someone up, the other committed out-and-out fraud. And yet them appearing with perfectly legal items in another country is putting the Australian swim team in a bad light? Seriously?  In a nation founded by convicts, this is what sends them into an absolute frothing tizzy? The same country that gave us Mad Max and AC/DC is now soiling their bloomers over pictures of athletes in other countries?

Look, there is precisely ZERO chance that these numbskulls could get any of those weapons back to Australia. Zero. They were having a bit of completely harmless fun, posing with items that are more difficult to get in Oz than in the US - but not banned. There is no difference between the above shot and them getting pictures taken at Home Depot holding chainsaws - in neither case are the tools functional, they'd never get them home, and it was just a silly moment.

Then again, Oz was settled by the English, and look at "Great" Britain these days...

That is all.


UGA Wino said...

That guy holding the pistols should have to explain himself for his lack of trigger discipline. Even though the guns were (presumably) unloaded at a gun shop, his finger should've been outside the trigger guard.

But other than that, the faux outrage over this picture is just hilarious.

I liken this to me going to Canada or Europe and having myself photographed smoking an evil, communist, Cuban cigar.

Weer'd Beard said...

the first line made it buddy!

Robert said...

Too bad they didn't tell the panty shitters to go fuck themselves.

Jay G said...


Thanks, I was hoping someone would notice!

Weer'd Beard said...

BTW besides the trigger (and possibly the muzzle, but that's always tough to tell in pictures)

There is NOTHING wrong with the photo. But hey an anti-freedom state demands obedience.

So sad from a nation that considers "Waltzing Matilda" their unofficial national anthem.

I wonder if they realize that the "Squatter" won...

Sebastian said...

Hard to believe Australia had rather decent gun rights just two decades ago, before Porth Arthur. IIRC, two states even allowed full auto rifles with the same restrictions (which was pretty much none) until the late 1980's.

Anonymous said...

I was in Sports Authority in the Galleria area in Houston when a man from South Africa walked up to the gun counter and asked to hold a semi auto rifle. The man gushed about the US and how beautiful it is here and why on earth would we leave this place to work in some hell hole like he had to. I think he was in the oil business and vacationed here from Kuwait.

I said something about Kuwait was supposed to be nicer than other places near by. "They lied to you."
We gave him directions to Top Gun and an archery range so he could do things that were illegal or highly restricted elsewhere.

Not the first time I have heard the sentiment about keeping our liberties in this country from those that don't have them.

Jesse in South Texas