Thursday, June 14, 2012

G-d's Own Caliber Addition

Leave it to Texas to give us the G-d's Own Caliber addition. From Bob S.:

Fort Worth man killed by Haltom City homeowner, police say
A Fort Worth man who authorities say forced his way into a Haltom City home and assaulted a couple was shot to death during the weekend by the homeowner, Haltom City police said Tuesday.
The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office identified the man as Jerome Mitchell, 23, who was pronounced dead at the Haltom City home.
Sounds like the dude forced his way into the home, grabbed the nearest object, and starting whomping on the homeowners. The homeowner, having the home court advantage, grabbed his nearest object which turned out to be of the ballistic kind, and proceeded to thoroughly ventilate the intruder.

This being Texas, the police congratulated the homeowner on his excellent grouping under duress and called Clean Harbors for the hazardous removal...

Dead Goblin Count: 308

That is all.


Anonymous said...

2 miles from my house. That's how we do it here in TX. See you on the squirle report tonight.


Skul said...

The Grand Jury will "no bill" this.
Hand-wringers will pitch a fit because the ME listed it as a homicide. (normal)
Relatives of the perp will sue the true victim for using excessive force. "He should have shot warning shots"...Waaaaaa.
Not going to work, down here.
I wonder how this would have played out in Massashoot-less.

Bob S. said...


The relatives of the thug will be out of luck if no-charges are brought.

Texas has an excellent 'Castle Doctrine' law that prohibits law suits like that.

Anonymous said...

Link broken to the original story.

Skul said...

Bob S.
I know,sir, they will still try, won't they?
Grab the popcorn.

Chas S. Clifton said...

So why did the article say the death was "ruled a homicide" when it was clearly self-defense? I'm confoooosed.

Jay G said...

"Justifiable homicide" is still homicide would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

I've been told that in Texas, "homicide" is the legal term for anyone who becomes dead due to the intentional actions of another individual, as opposed to being hit by a train, falling off a cliff or getting bitten by a snake. So yes, it was homicide, soon to be preceded by "justifiable."