Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And, Yes, One More...

eiaft sent this in with yesterday's addition, but I wanted to space them out a little...

Robbery suspect shot and killed by victim
WEST PALM BEACH — A man who tried to rob a couple returning home early Sunday morning was shot and killed, PBSO said.

The couple, who live in the 5100 block of Palm Hill Drive, were walking to their apartment about 2:12 a.m. when a man with a gun approached them, police said. The unidentified man ordered the couple into their apartment and followed them. As he searched their things, the man with the gun and the male victim began to fight.
Our hero managed to get the better of the crook and wound up shooting him with his own gun - just like the antis like to claim will happen to law-abiding gun owners who carry for self-defense. The critical piece that the antis miss is mindset - the robber intends for his victim to be meek and submissive, whereas the concealed carry holder assumes the person robbing him means him grave injury or worse. Put another way: the goblin assumes that he is in control of the entire confrontation simply because he has a weapon, whereas the concealed carry holder is typically acting at an opportune moment or from an outright disadvantage. He has far more motivation to be aggressive than the armed assailant flashing a weapon to intimidate his victim.

I like it when the victim fights back, even more so when the goblin buys it...

Dead Goblin Count: 307

That is all.

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Now THAT'S my kind of bedtime story!