Thursday, April 19, 2012

NRA Convention in Pictures, Part 3

And time for another rousing installment of "Shiny from the convention"!


Because, you know, no trip to an NRA Convention would be complete without a shot of a gold Deagle.

MKA 1919

Oh, look, another AR. Except this one's a smoothbore...

Shorty Shottie!

Ooh. This one's really tempting. It's Chiappa's version of the 1887 Winchester. The barrel is 18", so it's just a plain shotgun.


Shiloh Sharps in .45-70. Need I say more?


Les Baer Stinger. Boy, that sure is one pretty 1911. Too bad they're unsafe. (insert half-hour long rendition of the HATERAGE song here...)


And, the ultimate in go big or go home gets a SBR version - well, in this case, the short barreled Barrett is 20" long...

I've got a few more sets planned - one on knives at the convention, another on some of the frontstuffers - so stay tuned!

That is all.


Snowdog said...

I remember that golden gun, when we saw it I made a joke to my wife that if I bought that, it would need to come with insurance against tuxedo clad British secret agents parachuting in to kill me. The guy at the booth didn't get the joke unfortunately.

Weer'd Beard said...

It seems as the days go by I keep losing more-and-more interest in shotguns.

That being said I really have a strong case of the wants for the MKA 1919.

Its like a Saiga without being an AK-action...

Dave H said...

I bought my fiancee a shotgun for BAG Day and while we were waiting for the NICS check she was drawn to the Desert Eagle in the display case. I had pointed out the pink and lavender .38 revolvers but she didn't like those - she liked the big black pistol.

Funny thing is she lives in Canada, so the (short barreled) revolvers would be illegal but I think the Deagle is fair game.

Jay G said...


It's interesting that you say that about shotguns. I've noticed something very similar, actually.

I think a lot of it has to do with my gun club being rather unfriendly to shotguns that aren't being used to bust orange clays - there's nowhere to pattern buckshot, and the only slugs are on the 50 yard rifle range.

I find that when I don't shoot something often, I lose interest. Which makes me glad that I have a reason to get the Bushmaster out...

Speaking thereof, we still need to get together for that KRISS... ;)

Wally said...

" The barrel is 18", so it's just a plain shotgun."

Technocally it is not a shotgun, however it is still a Title1 (non NFA) firearm.