Friday, April 20, 2012

Compare And Contrast...

In the great state of Texas:

SAPD: Gun-toting granny sends burglar running
SAN ANTONIO -- A burglary suspect on the city's east side learned that even little old ladies may be packing heat.

San Antonio police said an 89-year-old woman woke early Thursday morning to somebody attempting to break through the front door of her home in the 400 block of Como. Startled, she quickly fetched her .38 caliber.
He broke into her house, she took a shot at him. Realizing that an 89 year old woman was no match for a young intruder, she availed herself of Samuel Colt's great Equalizer. End result: One safe 89 year old woman.

And in the Volksrepublik:

BU graduate student found shot to death in Allston
BOSTON (WHDH) -- A Boston University graduate student was killed in an apparent shooting shortly after midnight in Allston on Thursday.

Police said the student was shot twice. No one has been arrested.
Yep. In Massachusetts, the place where "you're more likely to live here" because of the stringent gun laws, someone was able to shoot a young co-ed to death in one of the "good" towns. No reason to place bets on whether or not the student could have been armed; even if they could have gotten a rarer-than-hen's-teeth gun permit in a Boston 'burb, it is excruciatingly unlikely that permit would have allowed her to carry a firearm for self-defense.

To recap: In America, the old ladies have guns and shoot at bad guys. In Occupied Territory, the good people cower while those who break the laws prey on them at will. I greatly prefer how things happen in Texas. Prohibiting good people from owning and carrying the best tools for self-defense doesn't stop criminals. It never has, it never will. All gun laws do is to make sure that good people - the people that obey the laws anyways - have a hard time acquiring the best tools for self defense. It doesn't stop criminals one whit.

It's time we were more like Texas.

That is all.


ASM826 said...

It's time you were IN Texas.

Anonymous said...

We have a big state man. Plenty o room for you. If you were 1/2 way between me and Alan you would still be 2.5 hours away.

turtle said...

Is my CC permit issued in Billerica (MA) good in Boston?

Jay G said...

As long as it's unrestricted, absolutely.

Ed said...

"BU officials told students and staff that this was an isolated incident."

Uh... for the graduate student student that was shot dead, that is little consolation.

Keep those sheep feeding, B.U., they are not yet ready for the harvest. When they figure it out, then they will know that they have earned an education. Some never figure it out, and keep voting for those who promise to "keep them safe" by disarming them.

Daniel in Brookline said...

I'm with you, Ed. The police are still investigating; how on Earth can BU officials know that this was an isolated incident? That sounds to me exactly like the sort of making-it-up-as-we-go-along story told to calm down the serfs.

Glennville Ave and Allston St.... that's basically a few blocks away from my house. Yikes.