Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Only One Professional Enough... haul mattresses with a patrol car???

Miami officer relieved of duty after mattress spotted atop cruiser
MIAMI – A veteran Miami police officer caught using her patrol car to haul mattresses has been relieved of duty with pay while the department investigates.

Several Miami television stations aired viewers' video or photos of the marked patrol car with mattresses fastened to the top on Monday.
There's no pictures at the above link, but I did find this:

(picture found here)

This is just so... I don't know... I can't... I mean, did she really not think anyone would notice or complain? I mean, she strapped the mattress on top of the freakin' lights!

Here's the real kicker, though:
Lyes has received merit increases since being hired with the department in January 1980, but she was also disciplined more than a dozen times, according to her personnel records. She was suspended several times for being involved in preventable crashes with her patrol car; received discipline for conducting private business while on duty in 2007 and in 2003 was given a written reprimanded for "parking a marked police vehicle in a location designed for handicapped access," records show.
This is an officer who received merit raises, folks. Imagine what a Miami cop would have to do to not get merit raises. I'm trying to think of how long I would remain employed if I borrowed a company vehicle and used it in a manner in which it was never intended to be used and was caught by news crews while doing it. I'm guessing the time interval would be measured by a stopwatch.

But then again, I'm not professional enough to use my work vehicle for personal business and not get fired for it...

That is all.

Another dispatch from...
(image courtesy of Robb Allen)


bluesun said...

Merit? Like the "Stupid" merit badge?

Irishdoh said...

Hmm, 1980... 32 years of employment in a union job, how much you wanna bet even of there is cause to fire, it will instead be the "retire with full benefits" option?

Bubblehead Les. said...

She can get a job at the Canton, Ohio P.D. I heard there's an opening for LEOs just like her.

Jay G said...

No, Les, she hasn't threatened to execute anyone...

Unknown said...

Let me guess....she's a blonde?

Anonymous said...

My mother saw this on the news, and commented that the police officer should have had someone lying on top of the mattresses.

Then, if anyone had a problem, she could say that the mattresses were under a rest.