Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, Those Dastardly 1%ers!


Obama bundler works as Virgin Islands tax adviser
A little over a month ago, the Democratic National Committee lambasted Mitt Romney for not initially reporting funds in "notorious tax havens" scattered around the world. It turns out a campaign "bundler" for President Obama is in the business of helping people, like Romney, who are looking to take advantage of offshore tax law.

Marjorie Rawls Roberts, who according to the Obama campaign volunteered to raise between $100,000 and $200,000 for the president's re-election effort, is an attorney in the U.S. Virgin Islands who offers clients guidance on the islands' perk-filled tax system.

I know, I know. Pointing out instances where the Democrats are giant screaming hypocrites is an awful lot like pointing out that water is wet, that the sun rose in the east and will set in the west, or that the Republicans are giant screaming hypocrites...But much like our counterparts on the left love to point out the foibles of the G-d squad when the "family values" crew gets caught with their pants down (in this case, literally), it's equally poignant to point out when one of the champions of the little people get caught utilizing the same loopholes they scream about the GOP using.

Seems like she was touting ways to help folks on the left avoid paying "their fair share" of taxes - much like the Obama campaign was accusing Romney of doing. But of course, it's perfectly fine when it's a Democrat moving their assets offshore... Just don't let your wife launder her brother's illegal gambling money - and then claim you knew nothing about it...

I know, I know... Politicians behaving badly is hardly news...

That is all.


Tango Juliet said...

Same ol', same ol'. But some of us are paying attention.

I have to wonder how much longer our superiors will allow us to disseminate this kind of information?

Ancient Woodsman said...

Funny, I thought that was a typo..."bungler" is what my brain saw.

It's only eeeeeeevil if the "R"s, Tea Partiers, Free Staters, Sovereign Citizens, etc. do it. If the "D"s/progrssives/liberals do it, all right-thinking people want it this way because it's for the children.