Friday, March 16, 2012

Now This, *THIS* Is Massachusetts, Part II

Mopar sends in a story that you know had to be from MA...

Wilbraham students at Soule School to celebrate 'O'Green Day' instead of St. Patrick's Day - and that's no blarney
WILBRAHAM - St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year, so school children around the Valley and throughout the country will celebrate it at school on Friday.

Except at Wilbraham's Soule Road School, which this year is apparently trading in St. Patrick's Day for something called "O'Green Day."
FWIW, Mopar's original link was from Fox News. It appears that the story has been scrubbed from Fox, as every link comes up with an error. I don't think this is a Fox thing, though - the school has been backpedaling so fast you'd think they were an Obama administration official asked about Fast & Furious.

What can I say about this? I mean, it's hard to be genuinely outraged when it's something as far out as this. The school is so concerned about the appearance of religion that they can't celebrate Saint Patrick's day. Right. Because everyone knows that wearing green clothes and drawing pictures about leprechauns is only ONE STEP AWAY from mandatory prayer sessions with the Pope, right?

It is impossible to mock those who self-beclown...

That is all.


Stretch said...

A Maryland county school system celebrates Feb. 14th as "Red and White" day and use it to teach of the evils of bullying.
Whenever I think they've hit the bottom of the Stupid Pit they start digging.

Bubblehead Les. said...

"Your Tax Dollars at Work."

So does this mean that they'll start calling "All Hallow's Eve Day" (Halloween) "Take a Zombie to Lunch Day?" Don't want to be accused of Non-Diversity and Prejudice just because the Dead want to eat your Brains, after all.

But it also sound like that the Zombies would Starve if they went after these "Educators" Cerebrums.

Anonymous said...

Around our neighborhood St. Paddys day was known as Blow Your Own Lunch Day.


Anonymous said...

We have hit rock bottom. aren't there quite a few Irish in MA?

Bill said...

Self-beclown? Shouldn't it be inclown like self-induce?

Evyl Robot Michael said...

"It is impossible to mock those who self-beclown..."

Well, not impossible so much as pointless. Like slashing tires on a junked car or arguing with a hippy.