Friday, March 30, 2012

Newbius, In Memoriam

OldNFO has reflections of his friend Newbius.

He's asking us to share our memories of our friend, with the intent that they be assembled and given to Newbius's family. Please e-mail OldNFO or myself if you put up a post, or have a picture, or even just to share a favorite memory.

UPDATE: Please check the bottom of this post, as I'll be adding links to other bloggers there.

Here's one of mine:

NRA Convention 2010

Newbius is second from the right. This was taken at the 139th NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC, which is where I first met Newbius in "real life". He drove down to the convention on a whim, carpooling with Wai to help him out - Wai had stayed at Newbius's house the night before, and they drove down together. That's how Newbius was - if a friend needed a hand, no matter how big or small, Newbius would be right there, pitching in to help.

I got to shoot with Newbius at Northcoast in 2010 as well:

Newbius with his AR10

He let everyone at the shoot try out his prized AR-10, and brought a case of match grade .308 Winchester ammunition with him. He drove me to the shoot, and gave me much-needed pointers on shooting rifles prone (not that it helped much). He didn't even mind when I scorched his suede shooting rest when I shot my S&W Model 27 from it, and forgot about the cylinder blast...

Perhaps my most enduring memory, though, is from spring of last year. For the kids' April vacation, we decided to take a trip down to DC to see our nation's capital. Newbius very generously offered to chaperone us through a tour of the Pentagon - an offer we gladly accepted. He took a day off from work for this, mind you; and he was responsible for us while we were there. He took time out of his day, out of his life, to bring the family of someone he'd met a couple times to the heart of the US Military operations.

And on the way in, as we went through the metal detectors, I had no trouble leaving my kids with Newbius while we finished the procedure.

Again, if you have a favorite event, memory, picture, whatever with Newbius, post it on your blog or send it to OldNFO or myself. I'll be happy to post anything for folks that don't have a blog, and either way, we want to pull everything together to have some remembrances to give to the family. This is a very tough time for them - this was very sudden and unexpected - and OldNFO and I (among many others, I'm sure) want Newbius's family to know how much he touched the lives of folks around the world.

Rest in peace, my friend.

That is all.

UPDATE: DaddyBear posts his reflections.

Jigsaw has kind words for Newbius as well.

Nancy R. has her reflections and a meme.


North said...

I added a link back here to the post on the GBBL.

Old NFO said...

Thanks Jay.

phlegmfatale said...

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of one who was clearly a fine man in his prime. Bless him and all who loved him.

Julie said...

My small contribution