Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #258

Since all of the cool kids have Smith & Wesson M&Ps, I figured a group photo of my M&Ps was in order (to offset some of the coolness, of course):

The M&P Family

Okay, so it's a *small* family, but it's a family nonetheless. Full size M&P45 and compact 9mm - so chosen because of the idiotic AWB in MA (signed by none other than Mitt Romney, remember). See, if I was going to be relegated to only 10 rounds, I figured I should either have the biggest 10 rounds possible (the .45 ACP) or not be too limited (10 rounds of 9mm in the compact vs. 12).

Gotta say I'm a fan of the Kool-Aid...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

It's not Kool-Aid. The Apex mods are Game Changers. It's the difference between the early P-51 Mustang with the Allison Engine and the later models with the Merlin.

I've shot Keads M+P with the Apex Mods. If I ever get enough Free Obama Money, I'm getting at least 2 (one for me, one for the Missus) and I'd like 4 (but you know how I feel about New York Carry). But if I ever can only afford one, I'll get it for the Wife, put in the Appropriate Apex Mods, and let her carry it for the rest of her life, knowing that she'd be ready "Just in Case."

It's that good.

Unknown said...

While never having shot a M&P with an APEX kit, I can say that I have shot one out of the box (I field stripped and cleaned it before firing, it was my buddy's first hand gun. In .40 btw) and I was massively unimpressed. The trigger is just horrendous and, in my opinion, borderline unusable. The MSRP is $609. For apples to apples comparison, here are some plastic pistols and their MSRP that I have fired and in my opinion are better shooters: Ruger SR9 ($525), Glock G22 ($529), and FN FNP9 (I don't know retail but I own this one and paid $525 total at Tite Group in Northborough, MA.) So the MSRP on the FN might be slightly higher.

Long story short, if you have to add a $160 trigger kit to an already over priced fire arm, you are getting taken over a barrel. The Ruger and FN have stainless steel slides as well.

The striations on the slide gris were well done, as were the sights, but for a total of $609 + 160, you can do better. In my opinion.

And just to nit pick, the gun was FILTHY from the factory.