Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daydream Believer...

So, on the radio this morning comes the news that the local supermegamondolotto is up to some unearthly figure - $363 million. The cash option - taking a lump sum rather than the 20 or 30 year payout - is somewhere around $260 million. Sure, it's a sucker's bet, as the odds of winning are, according to the Mass Lottery site: 1 in 175,711,536. But for a $1 quick-pick ticket, it's your chance to dream about how you'd spend a quarter of a billion dollars, cash...

I think the very first thing I would do would be to contact legal counsel, of course; then the fun would begin. A real estate agent or agents would be contacted with the express purpose of finding properties in MT, NH, and AZ for residences, with the criteria that they be large enough for a 1,000 yard rifle range and an air strip that could handle a private jet. Indoor heated 50 yard carbine/pistol range would be constructed, of course; heated covered rifle range as well. There would also be a Class III area as well as a full IDPA-style set up.

Oh, and a heated garage with 12-15 car capacity. I could fill one of those in all three areas pretty easily. And yeah, at least one of them would be an armored Suburban... There would also be a specialized bay for the 33' motorhome. One of the bays can house the motorcycle collection as well - I figure with that kind of money I can afford to learn to ride a sportbike safely... I doubt exotics would figure prominently in my garage - perhaps a Ferarri Testarossa from the 1980s lovingly restored, or perhaps a gullwing Countach... Mostly restored muscle cars from the late 1960s/early 1970s, with a few "chrome roamers" from the 1950s thrown in.

And, of course, the guns. Each house would have an armored gun room easily capable of holding the entire stock of Collector's - and be pretty close to full. I would become a regular at auctions like James D. Julia. And I'd hire Wally and Speer as my custom gun manufacturers and customizers. I think I could afford to keep them both very well employed... I'd rather go the manufacturer/dealer route than spending millions on transferable machine guns - although there would almost certainly be a Thompson and a BAR in the mix...

So, how would you spend your million$?

That is all.


AllenF said...

How I would spend the money:


AllenF said...

Well... Something similar just not in NY. Plenty of old silos in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Loose women.

Did I say that out loud?

Honey I was only kidding!


bluesun said...

Could I be your range monkey? All I'd ask is a few bread crusts and a corner to sleep in...

eiaftinfo said...

Ya know, the worst thing is "almost winning". Bought 10 power balls (no, not that kind) a number of years back. Jackpot was$183 million. Watched the call off - had the first . . . second . . . third . . . 4th . . . (getting ready to speeddial 911 for my heart) . . . 5th . . . and . . . NOT the 6th. Heavy sigh. Had 4 of the primary numbers and the powerball. Bottom line - $5,ooo. If I had had the first 5 - $100,000. But, that said, gave the girl who sold me the ticket $250. Got a new Nikon camera and the rest to Mrs. Bill for household bills that never, ever seem to stop.

Moral - buy a ticket, ya just never know!

Raptor said...

Small house (I don't need a mansion) on a HUGE property. '67 and '69 GTOs, a '70 Trans Am, and a '67 Mustang. Oh, and an Aston Martin.

And, of course, a s***load of guns.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

I'd finish the attic, build an addition on the house, along with rewiring, a heat pump, a generator, tankless water heater, redo the landscaping, and refurbish/rebuild the shelter in the backyard. I might look at adding a garage or carport, too. I would put some money into precious metals and durable goods, just in case.

That should still leave me enough to put the rest into several savings accounts and live quite comfortably off the interest alone.

I'd also buy lots of guns, of course.

Dave H said...

I'd hunt for a quiet tropical nation or island where the only immigration requirements are that you listen to the welcome speech. Being engaged to someone in Canada means that one of us is going to have to run the immigration gauntlet eventually.

Chris said...

First, get out of Maryland, moving south and/or west. I always wanted a small house with a lot of land, the house being as self-sufficient as possible (geothermal energy if possible, running water nearby that could be diverted preferred to a well, etc.). Get some ranges built while shopping for guns. Help some friends who need it, maybe bring in some of them to the new homestead.

Community is the eventual goal: having folks of like minds that have a variety of skill-sets and like to have fun together. Preferably those who like to shoot guns and then drink beer, rather than the reverse.

Wally said...

I'd be happy to be on call for any of your customization needs :) Even if you dont hit the lottery !

Freiheit said...

My life goal is to be wealthy enough to be considered eccentric instead of merely odd.

0) Lawyer up
1) Pay off ALL outstanding debt. Just a mortgage and a car.
2) Pay off mortgages of immediate family.
3) Set aside money for taxes
4) Establish a trust with $20M or so. My family will not live off of old money, but they will have a good start on life with healthcare and schooling paid for
5) Start buying up houses for sale in my neighborhood and raze them and plant trees. See above on eccentric
6) Establish another trust to donate to charities with my philosphical bent, like Ruperts Kids http://www.rupertskids.org/
7) Get some Libertarians elected
8) Invest well enough to beat inflation
9) Buy hard to find KelTec products. Plug the barrels. Pile them up with the latest hot item. Load with hot reloads. Apply some string. Post to YouTube, tell world to shove it!

Bob said...

Primary house would be on the beach in Florida, North or South Carolina. House would be custom-built to be hurricane-proof, possibly a concrete monolithic dome. Would have a small Boston Whaler-style boat for fishing/cruising the Intracoastal Waterway.

Second home would involve at least 1000 acres of land, probably in rural Georgia or South Carolina. This house would be classic log construction with a loft and large porch with rocking chairs. I'd sit on the porch with a Remington Rolling Block rifle in .45-70 across my knees, and for entertainment I'd shoot at a gong set up several hundred yards away. Under the cabin would be a large concrete bunker, fully set up for off-the-grid living in case of emergency, and on a billboard near the entrance to the property the words KISS MY CRACKER ASS!

zeeke42 said...

After the basic stuff (debt, lawyers, taxes) were taken care of, my next call would be to Comm2A. 'How much do you need to fund every lawsuit against MA's awful gun laws that is currently prudent to file? You'll have it tomorrow'.

Then I start shopping for a compound quite similar to yours.

Atom Smasher said...

Hmm. 200 mil or so. Love my little house and state, so I'd buy the little lot next to mine, bribe the city council to let me turn both lots into one, let the fire department burn the other place down and then I build a little on my house, convert to geothermal mainly because I think it's cool, get another dog so Sam the Dog can have a brother to pal around with.

Standard stuff: New Jeep, new bike, set my family up.

Travel. Buy the shitload of guns everyone's talking about.

I'd dissemble to everyone but my closest family - do all the above over time without a lot of fanfare, never own up to how much I have, stay working as long as I could stand it.

Would be fun.

Bubblehead Les. said...

1) I'd buy Jay an Unlimited Supply of Blood Pressure Meds. ; )

2) TAKE THE CASH OPTION! I used to WORK for the Ohio Lottery. Trust me, TAKE THE CASH!

3) Trust Fund set up by Multi-Millionare Brother-in-Law (no temptation to rob me blind).

4) I'd build my Homestead in Coastal Alaska across from Vancouver Island, but inland a few miles, (Tsunami Prevention) on a few square MILES of Private Land. Good Gun Laws, not so far North I'd Freeze, close enough to the Hospital for Life Flights if needed.

5) I'd buy the Majority Stock in a small gun company, and get them to make GOOD Guns for a FAIR Price.

6) Donations to the SAF to continue the Good Fight.

7)"Guest Houses" for some of my "Closest Friends."

8) And then I'd Rest.

Mikael said...

You're all thinking small.

Step 1: Buy an island.
Step 2: Declare independence.
Step 3: Get your own place set up.
Step 4: Build infrastructure.
Step 5: Invite friends and entrepeneurs.
Step 6: Enjoy living in a place where YOU wrote the rules.

azmountaintroll said...

There's no such thing as a hurricane-proof house. If nothing else, the storm surge will undercut and collapse it. If it touches water, RENT IT.

ExurbanKevin said...

Pretty much the same as yours, Jay.

Subtract the house in NH, add a state of the art photo studio at my new home out here in AZ (old careers die hard), a home near Playa Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica and a loft in NYC.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Bloomberg's paradise. Hey, I love the culture of that city, and the $$$ I now have can pay for an armed bodyguard :). I'd just make sure I'll pay double (or triple) what I spend in NYC to the NRA-ILA, NY State Rifle+Pistol Association and the SAF.

And then, invite all my friends (and a few ne'er do wells too) out to a week at Gunsite, on my tab.

Stretch said...

The Smarter Half would insist on relocating to Florida.
After that:
Poured concrete home w/safe room a.k.a. gun vault.
Hire Tam to stock vault with excellent examples of ... well, everything. Strong emphasis on the designs of JMB (pbuh).
A stay at a fat farm ... er ... health spa to get back into shape so I can live a long life enjoying The Smarter Half et. al.

Ancient Woodsman said...

Buy myself the mayoral seat of New Yark City like the last guy did and undo all the crap they've been enslaving folks with for the last hundred years.

And buy out the rights to this blogger thing & change the operation so's I don't have to continually prove to a machine that I'm not a robot.

And maybe get some significant shares of toilet paper companies, mortuaries & funeral homes, and septic-tank-pumper-guys...which should set up my DNA for the rest of eternity.

Borepatch said...

Make sure there's a bay for a Sherman tank.

And you could probably pick up Roy Rodger's canary yellow rag top Lincoln. And his six shooters ...

Anonymous said...

.... on the ICU bill. Because after the heart attack from winning they had to pry the ticket from my hand.And I'm sure it wouldn't be easy.

Anonymous said...

1) Lawyer
2)donation to a couple of charities that I trust
3) buy out the developer who is trying to build a resort up at Black Mesa and lease out most of it for range land (again)
4)modest house near Black Mesa with larger underground/ into hillside structure (insulation, blizzards, tornadoes). And a library silo.
5)power and internet so I can still work
6) a nice private small-bore range
7)Aviat Huskey with minimal electronics, and fuel pumps et cetera for same.


Tirno said...

1) Lawyer up
2) Zero out debts
3) Zero out immediate family mortgages
4) Trust funds for the kid's educational expenses and anything left over becomes retirement funds.
5) Buy up a couple lots on the north side of Lake Quinault
6) Build a nice big residence on said lots on a foundation built like a concrete barge so my earthquake liquifaction and tsunami
7) Release audio recordings and records of the "campaign contributions" I had to do to get the permissions, licenses and approvals for that residence.
8) Buy toys.

David said...

1. Pay my lawyer (he's family who has worked for free for years)
1a. Hire other lawyers for duties that I don't want handled by a direct family member.
2. Keep my mouth shut. Trust only my dear wife and lawyer. No one else finds out I have that kind of money (for as long as possible).
3. Keep working for a while. I have a lot of bridges I would want to burn before leaving.
4. Buy a metric buttload of mountain land. (If you can hear a gun shot fired from the center of your property from any edge - it ain't big enough)
5. On this land build a moderate size vacation home that is four times bigger underground than it is above and armored like a freaking tank and completely self supporting.
6. Build a new house in town that has bunker in basement and heavily fortified. (Not ready to be a hermit yet, so need a place in town to live for a while)
7. Annonymously fund several pet charities.
8. Set up education trusts, retirement trusts, pay off mortgages, buy cars, health insurance, etc. for family and family-by-choice who have been there for me for years.
9. Build a gym in town to house several youth sports clubs.
10. Anonymously leave krugerrands in the offering plate on sundays.
11. Become a patron of a couple local private schools in order for them to pay their teachers more, improve their facilities, expand their enrollment.
12. Financially support the NRA, Second Amendment Foundations, Ducks Unlimited, Elk Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, etc.
13. Support the campaigns of some libertarians and many true conservatives.
14. Buy guns!
15. Buy/build a bookstore downtown right next to a coffee/sandwich shop. Old books, wood floors, comfy chairs, small tables to play checkers, chess, cards, real coffee, basic food, nothing fnacy. A place to hang out, eat, read, socialize. Hire some old curmudgeon to run the place and keep the freeloaders and trendy twits out of the place.