Thursday, February 23, 2012

MArooned Product Review: Remora Holster

I mentioned picking up a Remora holster for the S&W M&P9 compact and Ruger SR9c after reading Weerd's glowing review a few weeks back. It came in last week, and ever since I've been wearing it around to get a feel for it:


I find the Remora to work better with jeans than dress pants, as jeans have less give to them as well as a more "grippable" surface. The Remora still works well with the 5.11 Tactical pants, it *felt* more secure in Levis. I think it's because the dress pants all have the "expandable" waistlines that don't allow the pants to be held as tight.

It's a "one size fits many" holster:


The M&P was not available for this picture, but it fits the size #6 Remora holster as well as the Ruger SR9c:

Ruger fits

or the SIG SAUER P250 compact:

SIG fits

I didn't know what to make of the Remora at first. Common sense tells you that a holster without a clip is bad news; little more than Mexican carry with a covered trigger guard. But then you go ahead and use it, and realize that, damn, this thing works. Because there's no clip, it's easier to position in a pair of jeans. Because it's so grippy, it does NOT move out of place even when you're moving quickly.

I'm tempted to get one of the J-frame holsters for it, as that would allow pocket carry as well. So far I'm quite impressed with the Remora as an IWB holster - it has stayed put, allows for a rapid draw, and is very comfortable - all for $30 shipped. I haven't worn it all day yet, but for quick trips out and about this is a superb choice - it's very quick to grab and place in the waistband without worrying about adjusting belts and such. Best of all, you can put your shirt on over the holster like a tuckable and it works just as well.

Big thumbs up for the Remora!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Just to say, "me too". I just bought one for myself for my .44 Charter Arms. It is hard to feel confident in the holster until you've worn it. I've done so with jeans and a pair of Dickie's work pants while out and about and in my shop. No issues at all and you can forget it's there. I have not tried dress pants but I retired and refuse to go there if I can help it. Concealed carry in church is not allowed here so no reason to try either.

bluesun said...

Just out of curiosity, when you use it as a tuckable, how does the shirt stick to it when trying to draw?

Jay G said...


"It is hard to feel confident in the holster until you've worn it"

*Precisely*! I figured that in the worst case scenario, I'd be out $30 for a holster - this would by no means be the first time that had happened, mind you. Given that it had great reviews, that was a sucker's bet from the get-go.


It's really no more difficult than drawing with any other tuckable - you're fighting the shirt being tucked into the pants a lot more than the grippiness of the holster. It takes a little work, but given that you're looking for deep concealment (as opposed to going without), it's a compromise.

Weer'd Beard said...

yeah they're creepy how well they work.

I haven't logged any serious time with mine yet as my TP45 mags still haven't arrived. I should get to the bottom of that!

Dave H said...

I'm curious how grippy the grippy part stays after long use. Around my house sticky stuff doesn't stay sticky because it gets coated in lint, dust, or car hair. The Remora sounds like a great idea, but does it stay that way?

Anonymous said...

I have one for my S&W442, the #8uc, it works great for iwb and pocket carry

Anonymous said...


I've used a Remora now for my Ruger LCR/SP101 for about 4 months now. I can whole-heartedly recommend it. During sweat-pants weather, it makes carrying a piece around the house/yard much easier, and is incredibly comfortable to boot.

Dave H, pretty grippy still. When it started to get a bit grimy, I wiped the outside off with soap/water and it was good as new.

~Matt in MA

Dave H said...

Matt: Thanks, that's good to know.

The Jack said...

Remora also makes magazine holders out of the same material.

They're really good for IWB or pocket carry too.

If you need something to drop a mag in and want to keep it from getting sweat and oils on it, they're great.

They are sized for full-frame magazines, but the material is easy to sew or drop a wood block into the bottom of the pocket.

Jacqui said...

nlHello! Jacqui from REMORA here..Thanks for the great review! We do have a "tuckable" holster that we just came out with..@Dave..the rubber material does not collect any lint or dust. We have a lifetime warranty as well!

agirlandhergun said...

Yep, love them,