Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DL in the Front (Or Rear) Pocket...

Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks contacted me a while back about his new pocket holster. He'd sent along the Wyvern, which I had been using for my S&W Bodyguard 380, and had a request for a slight variation on it that would allow it to alternate between a purse/fanny pack/backpack and a pocket holster. We talked about it a little bit, and the Chimaera was born:

Very nice!

Here it is with the BG 380 inside:

All you need...

And the very stylish back:

Love the logo!

The big question, naturally, is how does it look in a pocket? Well, here's a view of it sitting in my right front pocket:

What's in my pocket?

And in the right rear pocket:


I've got to say, I think Dennis really has a winner of an idea here. The leather backing snaps right off for a standard pocket holster, and a couple of snaps added to one's purse or fanny pack allow the holster to be secured inside the pack if desired. With the back in place, the holster looks like any standard billfold sitting in a back pocket (the stiffness will fade over time and it will mold just like a standard leather wallet).

Later today I'll have a couple videos of me drawing from the front and rear pockets.

That is all.


Teke said...

Man Dennis sends you all of his cool new toys to try out.

and yes I'm jealous.

Jason said...

Very cool!