Thursday, October 27, 2011



The Perry approach -- campaign first, have ideas later
Washington (CNN) -- Call me crazy, but I recall when presidential candidates ran for the high office because they had things to say. The notion went like this: I have ideas that I think will be great for the country. I have thought about them, vetted them with experts, spoken about them throughout my career. I have refined them, many times, even changed some. And now I think it's time to run for the presidency, armed with those ideas to present to the nation.

So imagine my surprise when, at a recent debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry turned to Mitt Romney and, with a certain amount of disdain, sniffed, "Mitt has had six years to be working on a plan. I have been in this for about eight weeks." In other words, I'll get back to you.
ARE YOU SH**TING ME??? This is from the network that wholeheartedly and unabashedly endorsed, covered for, and otherwise promulgated the fiasco that was the Obama campaign upon America in 2008? They're *NOW* concerned that a candidate doesn't have a firm plan in place? Where where they in all of 2008? Barry got swept into office on wide platitudes, empty promises, and rainbow unicorns - and CNN is putting Rick Perry down because he doesn't have firm plans months before the GOP primaries???

There's biased reporting, and then there's this dreck. There's covering for a candidate or party, and then there's actively going out and doing scurrilous hit pieces on potential opponents - which is certainly what this is. This "analyst" goes through the current GOP contenders and dismisses all of them - except Mitt Romney. Gee, why do you think that is? You think they want Obama to face the weakest possible GOP contender? You know, like they did in 2008?

You know what? We're *still* waiting for a plan from Obama, CNN. He's done nothing but raise taxes and shovel .gov $$$ at companies - remember "too big to fail"? He railed against Bush's "imperialist" foreign policy - and then committed US troops in 2 additional areas. He swore to us that he would shut down Gitmo - and it's still open. He promised us that he would have the most transparent administration in history - and then
allows his Justice Department to lie on FOIA requests. These are the actions of a candidate with a plan?

But hey, Rick Perry stands a better chance of beating Obama than Mitt, so let's destroy Perry like they destroyed Palin...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

MSM Playbook: Destroy EVERYONE who's Not Obama. Save your Rage, Jay, we got a LONG way to go before November 2012.

And Hopefully, it won't be Romney vs. The Anointed One.

Old NFO said...

Good point Jay... the left/MSM IS out to destroy everyone...

Anonymous said...

I know we are all supposed to like Perry since he supports the 2nd Amendment but he certainly hasn't come across well in the debates thus far.