Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dispatches from Blogorado, Part VI

SCI-FI's wrapping up his coverage of the third annual Blogorado meeting:

Other important points:

- Jennifer dresses impeccably, no matter the occasion.  Even at the range, she looked like a spokesmodel for the Neiman-Marcus "Ballistics For Her" catalog.  

- Evyl Robot's leatherwork and tailoring is epic. But more important than the work is the man: At one point, we were comparing his holsters with holsters by Dennis -- his main competitor among this group.  No one would have faulted him for talking down the competition, but he's truly a class act.  While we spent quite awhile admiring his work, he praised samples of Dennis' holsters.  This industry is big enough -- I hope they each make a mint. 

- Mamaw has been fighting some health issues for the past few months. Despite this, she made a point of coming out and sitting with us each night, telling a few stories and listening as we gabbed.  It was Old School hospitality, and was recognized as such by the Tribe. God bless her for it.

- There are so many conversations going on, you can't hear all of the stories. At breakfast, sit in the middle of the table to catch as many conversations as you can.

- Considering that we fired 5,000 to 10,000 rounds of ammo over the weekend, and that my thumb and Tam's fingernail were the only boo-boos, you can see how good preparation and safety consciousness pays off.  Lotsa fun, trivial injuries.

- Between blogs and #GBC, I see "Blogorado" referred to as some mythical destination, to go and shoot guns once a year. The reality is quite different -- this is someone's home (meals), and someone's farm (shooting), and the town has limited space. Don't ask to camp out at the range -- it's a working farm, so they can't spare you the space to set up a tent, and they can't risk people lighting fires and incinerating the county. Invitees aren't so much "shooting superstars" as they are friends of the FarmFam.  It's been an honor to be counted among them.

I am honored to be counted among them myself, and hope to avail myself of their hospitality next year...

That is all.


Farmmom said...

Thank you for the posts Scifi. After having met you and the Mrs at the fabulous Phlemmy's you both are counted among the friends of which you speak. This IS our home and farm and we are honored that we have such friends to share it with.

Old NFO said...

Good post, and ALL good points... And concur with FM :-) I consider myself lucky to be among the invitees!!!

Laura said...

i would expect no less of Michael. and i agree - i hope both he and Dennis make a mint.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Thanks SCI-FI! I like Dennis and want to see him successful. There's really no point in badmouthing a competitor, especially as early as we both are in the game. I'll agree on all other points as well.