Friday, May 13, 2011

Super Mondo Mega Blogroll Update

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve done an update (close to two months!!!). In the wake of the NRA convention (and my DC blogmeet), I’ve got a ton of new folks to add to both the blogroll *and* the “Bloggers I’ve Met” list. I’ll start with the new blogs that I’ve also met:

1. 18 Wheels and a 1911 (HEATH!)
2. Turk Turon
3. Kathy Jackson
4. The Truth About Guns
5. M.J. Mollenhour
6. Cjrmultigun
7. PA State Cop
8. Nicki
9. Bandit
10. Cemetery’s Gun Blob
11. John R.

Bloggers that I’ve met that were on the blogroll already:

1. John D.
2. Chris and Laura
3. Tom
4. Andy
5. Sean and LinkP
6. DaddyBear

New Bloggers to the Blogroll that I haven’t met (yet):

1. Guffaw in AZ
2. Bob’s Gun Counter
3. Troublesome Times / Good Times
4. Ballseye’s Boomers
5. Troda Skada

And finally, a couple blogs that have moved:

1. People of the Gun
2. Dakota South (formerly 9X19 Dan)

If I missed anyone, please let me know ASAP. I’ve gone over two months without updating (Sorry! Life intervened!) and I’m sure I’ve missed a blog or two, or forgotten to add someone to the list of folks I’ve met (especially after the NRA convention!). Drop me a line or comment here if I missed you and I’ll update post haste.

In the interim, go read these good folks!

That is all.


Matt said...

Thanks !

Guffaw in AZ said...

Hope to meet you, someday!

Robert Farago said...

Glad to clap eyes on you. Big fan of your site.

Anonymous said... You forgot me.

cybrus said...

Just cause my city sucks at traffic management doesn't mean you can pretend you didn't meet me!