Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Gun Pr0n #214

Well, two weeks ago I *thought* I had posted the last of the Buy A Gun Day purchases. I thought wrong.

First off, my homegirl Cher got herself a shiny new pistola:

.32 ACP Beretta

Reader Earnest got a Beretta Stoeger, too, a Cougar that’s part of his “kit”:

Stoeger and kit
Here’s what’s in the kit:
Beretta Storm CX4
Stoeger Cougar 8045F (with rail)
Surfire X300
SOG multitool (to manage the cotter pin on the Surefire)
Microtech Halo III (just because - I live in Florida so can)
Single point sling for the CX4
6 extra mags that fit EITHER the CX4 OR the Cougar (main reason I bought the Cougar)
Eotech optics (including magnifier for the CX4)

Jennifer got herself an FNP-45 Tactical from OldNFO.

And reader Jim treated himself to an ACOG sight for his FAL:


From Jim:
Hope this isn't too late for Friday's Gun Pron! My BAG Day gun was just an AR lower, but I just got hired for a teaching position and thought I'd treat myself with a "Yay for getting a job" present. So I got a new Trijicon TA55A ACOG. It is pretty much the sweetest thing on my FAL since...I first slapped a magazine the beast.

So many awesome new guns – and mine’s not even in yet – I may have to go out and buy another new gun …

That is all.


Jay G said...

I give up. Blogger is insisting on putting in an extra 50 lines.

Fuck it, at least it's back up.

Cher said...

You rock, my friend

Mopar said...

The cool thing about Cher's brand new gun is that it was made 47 years ago, and was virtually still brand new when she bought it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Blogger is working.
I tried finding my my own Friday gunporn all I got was stuff like this:

ErnestM said...

I actually had the CX4 already and got the Stoeger for BAG day. Of course considering that Stoeger make the Cougar on Beretta equipment, you could say it IS a Beretta (at 1/2 price)

I already voted for you Jay! More tubbies.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yes, but only some of the Blogs are up. Guess you aren't enough of a Threat to the Powers That Be to keep you shut down. Work Harder, Damn it!

Unless the Super Secret Spy Bots are working on your site, while the others are having Technical Difficulties.

Isn't it Great to be an Enemy of the State? ; )

Veeshir said...

I have a CX-4 Storm, Beretta pissed me off because they don't make mags for it anymore. You have to get a converter so it takes either PX-4 Storm or 96 (.40 S&W) mags.

I ended up getting the one for the PX-4 (the 96 ones were on back order) and then fell victim to their diabolical plot and got a PX-4.

I like the idea of the combo and I really like the CX-4, but the PX-4 is an "eh" gun.
Not bad, it goes "boom", but it's aggressively plastic and feels like a toy without a full mag (which is a very useful 14 rounds).

TheAxe said...

Is cher's a 70 series? It looks a lot like my 75.

Anonymous said...

Axe, it's an original Model 70 in .32acp manufactured in 1964. It came with a box of ammo that appears to be as old as the gun that was full minus one mag worth. The wear parts like the bolt face still had the bluing on it, so we're pretty sure that's the total round count.