Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, Sure, Add One More...

Both The Big Guy and theunpaidbill sent me links to this DGC addition:

Belgrade man fatal shoots man in self defense
BELGRADE -- A Belgrade resident fatally shot a Minnesota man in self-defense early Monday morning, Nance County authorities believe.Robert Dodds, 30, of rural Belgrade shot Joseph William Cameron, 30, of Stacy, Minn., after the Minnesota man reportedly came after him with a knife.

(More information here: Minnesota man killed in Monday altercation)

As self-defense stories are often reported, this one is short on details. As it stands, it certainly looks like a case of self-defense - we have the kicked-in door and a weapon readily apparent. Unless further news becomes available, this looks like a case of the new "friends" Dodds made at the bar turned out to be not-so-friendly after all.

Dead Goblin Count: 129

That is all.


Freiheit said...

"A single 7mm slug hit Cameron in the mid-left torso area beneath the ribs."

Media fail? Tokarev? 7mm Remington? .308?

Phil L. said...

Did they edit the article? It now says "Dodds apparently shot Cameron once with a 7 mm rifle in the mid-left torso area beneath the ribs."

I'll guess 7mm Remington.

Looks like Nebraska media can fix their goofs.