Monday, February 14, 2011

First It Was Taxis... Mopar alerts us to high capacity knives:

Suspect Arrested in NYC Stabbing Spree
NEW YORK -- A graffiti artist armed with five knives went on a bloody 28-hour rampage across New York City, fatally stabbing his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mother, running down a pedestrian with a stolen Lexus and knifing a subway passenger before being arrested in Times Square, police said.

This "graffiti artist" - really an unemployed drug addict - stabbed three people to death, injured three more, and killed another with an automobile. Four killed, three wounded, and yet this is barely a blip on the radar. Had he shot four people to death and wounded three others this would have been headline news on every news channel on the air; as it stands now it's a quick blurb, a passing story destined for a short life.

It doesn't fit the narrative - guns are evil and only made for killing people. If guns disappeared there would be no more mass killings, at least that's the impression one gets from all the grandstanding after an event like the shooting of Representative Giffords. It was the gun alone, all by itself, that caused that shooting; it couldn't possibly be the work of some deranged lunatic. Brad makes the following comment on this story:
What if Jared Loughner had mowed down Rep. Giffords with a stolen car? That was my first thought when I heard of this story. What if his use of a car resulted in six deaths and 13 injured?

It still would have been a national story, simply because it involves one of our ruling elite; however there would have been no calls for "common sense car control" or a limit on "high capacity engines".

It's not the tool. People will kill people out of anger, jealousy, or plain old bugnuts crazy no matter what implements are - or are not - at hand. It's interesting to see that no one wants to go after Henckels for their roll in this stabbing - unlike the lawsuits against Bushmaster in the wake of the DC sniper shootings. By focusing on the device used, rather than the person employing the device, we miss the target - and will continue to do so as long as our focus is on things rather than people.

As a wise man once opined: "Gun control. It's what you do instead of something."

That is all.


Anonymous said...

IIRC, former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris - of 2000 Florida election recount fame - was nearly struck and killed in 2004 by an angry liberal Democrat who deliberately tried to run the Republican down with his car.

That wasn't much more than a "blip" on the media's radar, either, because according to the favored media narratives liberals aren't ever uncivil, extreme, and/or murderous.

Besides, quite a few drive-by media types likely figured Harris had it coming because she refused to rewrite Florida election law after the fact to allow Al Gore to win the state...

--Wes S.

Stretch said...

Had this graffiti artist been shot by one of his victims the headlines would read "Budding Artist SHOT" and the stabbing victims would be relegated to para. 8.

Wonder how much of his spray paint went up his nose?

Groundhog said...

My first instinct after reading this was to get really mad and cuss a lot. I figured I could write a comment like that to get it off my chest but that would only benefit me and make you giggle while you had to edit it. On the other hand, you might have gotten a kick out of it. Sorry! So, I decided to take the linguistic high road for my comments.

First off. Graffiti Artist??? That in itself is an acronym for loser. Given it was an AP article I read the whole thing and was sorely disappointed. It was actually almost all about the crime! I expected at least 2-3 paragraphs for the bio of the "artist" and his "work". I mean, where were the quotes about how "Maksim's work reaches to the depths of your soul" or "Maksim makes the rage of youth come alive before you" or "Maksim's work tears at the heart strings almost enough for me to want to open my wallet to charity". I'm sorry, I think the AP is getting a bit sloppy.

Second. Who the heck do they think they are (the AP that is). Reporting on a KNIFE incident?!?!?! I mean, that's like acknowledging that there actually IS other kinds of crime that don't involve GUNS!!! Those TRAITORS! They shall now be kicked out of the collective group of liberal minded "journalists with a slightly hidden agenda" club! PFTPFTPFTPFT on them!

mopar said...

Come on, the guy had FIVE knives! Nobody needs more then one knife for cutting food. We should have a law restricting knife purchases........ Oh wait, Oncegreat Britian already does that. Works about as well as their gun ban too.

PISSED said...

Adding to knife crimes:

An apparently homeless man armed with a six-inch steak knife randomly stabbed three customers at a Burger King in Sayreville on Saturday, police said.

Sevesteen said...

I thought NYC had knife control to prevent tragedies like this? There was a story of another artist who was arresred for his Benchmade--differences being that his art was on his own property, and the knife used to cut canvas.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Didn't the Japanese tried Knife Control a few hundred years ago when they conquered Okinawa? Yet look at all the Martial Art Skills and Weapons that the natives developed as a work around. The worse part is, if Mayor-For-Life Hosni Bloomburg wasn't so Anti-Gun (afraid of the Citizens who pay you, Bloomie, perhaps?), one CCW holder with a J-Frame could have stopped this loser.

mopar said...

Pissed: I've been in that very BK..... Not a really bad neighborhood (at least not 10 or so yrs ago), just a little working-class rough.