Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Northeast Blogger Early Spring Meet Reminder...

Where does the time go? There's less than three weeks to the Northeast Blogger (and Special Guest) Early Spring Meet. Must be time for another update! It's time to nail down some more specifics on the two events.


Date: Sunday, March 22nd
Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (closing time, I'd wager they'll let us stay later if needed)
Location: Hilltop Steakhouse, Route 1, Saugus MA
Event: Dinner & drinks with the one, the only Ambulance Driver, straight outta Compton CT EMS Conference


Date: Monday, March 23rd
Time: Still TBD, depends on how late we stay out Sunday night
Location: Also TBD based on weather and hosts. Ideally at Harvard Sportsman's Club, Harvard MA depending on hosting; in inclement weather Manchester Firing Line.
Event: Flinging lead downrange with your favorite armed EMS personality and several of his hangers-on compadres.


Weer'd Beard
Sci-Fi & B

Some folks have expressed interest in one event or the other; for planning purposes, it would be great to know who can make what event... There's plenty of room, especially at the evening dinner, so c'mon and join the fun! Meet AD! Buy a copy of his book! Get it signed! Be able to say "I knew him when..."

That is all (for now).


libertyman said...

I should be able to make the Hilltop event. Have to work Monday though -- long day for me. Count me in for Sunday.

paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

Grrr! I'm going to be at sea...again! I'm 0-for-2 here!

Peripatetic Engineer said...

For years that cactus on the hill was my beacon when driving to and from Beantown. I'm surprised that the place still exists.

Please go to Santoro's Sub Villa and have a sub for me.

Wally said...

Both events are on my radar but I am not 100% sure yet.

Too bad my newest toys aren't legal in MA.

Ted said...

Hey, how come I'm not on the list?

Don't know about shooting - starting a new job, so time off will be iffy, but dinner is a lock!

TOTWTYTR said...

Has to be an oversight, Ted. You're on MY list of invitees.

You're going to love AD, the person as much as you enjoy AD, the blogger.

As funny as the stories in the book are, they are funnier when he tells them. He's a natural story teller and comedian.

Jay G said...


Excellent! Looking forward to meeting you after reading so many fine comments!


Darn it! We're just going to have to get you out to DT's place when you're back onshore...


Heh. I figured plastic cows and a neon cactus were fitting for AD...


Let me know when you can. We'll accomodate ya...


You're not on the list because you didn't comment on EITHER of the previous threads that you were in.

I failed mindreading, you know...

BTW, Friday night, there might be another shooter coming with us. FYI.


I can't imagine him being any funnier in person. I may not be able to drink ANYTHING all evening for fear it nasal douching... ;)

TOTWTYTR said...

He's hilarious in person. I'm also patting myself on the back a bit by saying that we play off of each other's warped humor quite nicely.

You no doubt have read the Ostrich story. He WILL tell it and you likely will need hospitalization for the pain in your ribs from laughing.

Ken said...

Sounds like this will be a blast. I should be able to come to both events.

JD said...

I am still in.

Jay G said...

Just saw the note over at his place - Marko, the Munchkin Wrangler, is coming to the dinner at least...

zeeke42 said...

I'm coming to dinner. Not sure about Monday.